It makes sense that dog owners would want to spend more time with their pets. After all, they are not only anchors of emotional support, but also have somehow integrated themselves as precious family members. With this in mind, however, there are still precautions you must take, and be sure to regard the rules surrounding environments carefully. After all, such rules are present for the safety of others and courtesy to avoid confrontations. Be mindful of your conduct, and most importantly, of your dog’s as well.

National Parks

Many national parks these days do allow dog owners to bring along their furry pets for exercise. As a shared facility sporting native flora and fauna, it is essential that you pay careful attention to your dog, and whether or not he or she is distracting or disrupting the peaceful environment there. Although we all may be a little blind to the pet which has wormed themselves into our hearts, be rational and be able to ascertain if the safety of your dog and the safety of others (humans and animals and even plants alike) is ensured. This includes stopping excessive barking and ideally making sure that your dog is on a leash, or at least has a collar on, if he or she may get lost. Of course, your dog’s safety is always the first priority, as is yours. By having him or her on a leash, you are more in control of the situation, and disallowing any dangerous behaviours to continue, for your dog and for others around him, if a confrontation becomes inevitable. A further explanation of how to ensure this will be detailed in this section.

Cafes and Restaurants

While many cafes and restaurants do offer outdoor areas for pets to accompany their owners, not all do. Please make sure that you have thoroughly checked their rules. Further recommendations are also in this section, including noteworthy cafes which go above and beyond regular cafes dotting the streets of Canada. Just remember that such areas always harbour the massive potential for socialisation for your dogs and for yourself, so it is best to choose wisely when it comes to such decisions. There is nothing more disappointing for both you and your dog for a pleasant evening to be ruined, just because not enough preparation and research are put in beforehand so that there is enjoyment on both ends.

Dogs in your Work Area

Bringing dogs into your workplace is highly specific on the context of the environment and atmosphere your workplace wishes to promote, and whether or not your dog may hinder your reputation. If your dog is allowed into the workplace, you must ensure that first of all, he or she will not become a hindrance to your work, both on the general atmosphere and thus, interpersonal relationships, and on the hygiene and aesthetic appeal of the workplace. Make sure that you are courteous and polite at all times. Insisting that your dog accompanies you everywhere is not a sign of devotion nor loyalty if it clouds your judgement of what is professional and what is not. And that means making sure that your dog is housetrained before letting him venture into your workplace, and be in contact with others, who will judge your dog’s behaviour and in turn, judge you. You could also end up paying for any damage incurred. Remember that having a dog in the workplace is an extra burden and responsibility that can be taken advantage of if used in the right way.

Many dog-friendly businesses have restrictions and rules which are only there to promote a safe environment. Be courteous and observe these, and you will find many opportunities and much enjoyment to be discovered.