It can be very hard to find dog-friendly restaurants and cafes in Canada’s busy urban cities. While renowned for its desolate wintry forests and mountain hikes, Canada also harbors a growing human population and a booming city life, with businesses competing with each other for customers.

For dog owners out there, finding a cozy restaurant or cafe after an exhausting jog with your dog can be hard, with so many limits and rules placed on pets in such eateries. There has always been a strong prejudice against the hygiene of places where pets are allowed, especially when there is the potential for dogs to spread the mud and dirt on their feet from their walks, into the food. Some owners may find no fault in their dogs, but most find it to be unappealing. Hence, it is wise to heed this motto: don’t take a bet and always check the rules of cafes and restaurants that do allow dogs to enter, as well as observe the basic etiquette. Regardless, there are many eateries out there that do welcome dogs into their environments.


Most restaurants have patios for dogs to lounge around on outside while their owners eat, however, it is best to do your research, or if that avails to nothing, to call the restaurant directly. There is nothing worse than turning up for a reservation and expecting a pleasant evening, only to be turned away because of your four-legged friend by your side. Even worse, when it’s peak dining hours and almost every other restaurant is full. Preparation, and that extra tiny ounce of effort is needed if you are determined to enjoy a full evening with your canine friend.


Many cafes offer dog-friendly outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy the sunshine and the breeze. Some cafes are especially dog-friendly, and do offer refreshments to your dog as part of the menu. One such example is the prominent Coo Coo Coffee located in Yaletown. Here, water can be ordered for your dog that comes in a bowl- especially relieving in the summer, ensuring you won’t have to head home early for fear of your dog suffocating from heat stroke.

Cafe Brio, in Victoria, takes this a further step forwards- they allow dogs to dine alongside their owners. Such generous considerations extended to invite canines into much more comfortable settings, means that their owners do not have to worry over the responsibilities awaiting their pets to be fed appropriately. But it also means that without bringing your furry friend along, you may feel a tad lonely.

Other cafes, such as the Bring Your Dog Cafe and Pub in Hamilton, are absolute hubs for dogs to socialize, being allowed to roam around freely in the interior, while their owners enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Such cafes are blessings in that the dogs are relieved of their boredom while being safe in a clean environment with a friendly atmosphere, while the owners recuperate with some peace and quiet. Even most parks these days require dogs to be on leashes, and hence, socialization between dogs is very limited and restrictive. By bringing your dog to such cafes, you are also ensuring that not only do you spend more time with them, but also that they remain socially and mentally healthy.