Many cities in Canada are dog-friendly in that most of the population are avid dog lovers, typically owing one or more of them. However, as for specific, unique locations in Canada which you can enjoy with your dog on that special vacation where you can bond deeper, it is much harder to find, apart from recommendations by word-of-mouth.

Areas Dedicated to Dogs

Some places in Canada are magnificent, in that they combine exhilarating outdoor adventures and the opportunity to experience these with your dog. One such place is Revelstoke, a ski town located in the Kootenays; an ideal location for both winter and summer, where hiking and mountain biking continues to attract tourists and their pets alike. This is mainly because Mount Revelstoke National Park welcomes the addition of your four-legged friends. For international visitors, so long as you take precautions that your dog meets the health expectations of Canada, including the certificates required, there shouldn’t be a problem. There is even a hotel in this region, considered to be high class and supporting the accommodation of pets as well; the Sutton Place Hotel.


Many hotels deny the entrance of pets purely because of the extra hygienic measures required and the potential havoc they may cause. Correlated to this is the decline of their professional image, with the stereotypical view of the presence of pets, to be detracting from the luxurious appeal of their abodes. As a result, some hotels may charge hundreds of dollars for your dog to accompany you, or deny them access into the building altogether. However, there are some generous, popular hotels such as the Lethbridge Lodge Hotel and Super 8, which includes a reasonable charge for any pets and allows big dogs to enter. Others such as Superlodge Lethbridge allow the entrance of more than one pet for only $15 each. When looking for a perfect hotel that does not discriminate against your dogs, who are most likely, your precious family members, it all comes down to research and checking if the rules and expenses are manageable.

Dog-Friendly Races

Apart from dog-friendly hikes, the good old family events of fund-raising runs sometimes do welcome pets among them as well. Particularly famous ones, notorious for their potential socialisation between dog owners, is the Ruff Mudder Obstacle Adventure Race in Stayner, where challenging fitness courses are presented and designed for both owner and dog to master. Occurring every August, it is a three to five km race filled with challenges to ruffle both human and canine alike.

Dog-friendly places are not necessarily on your doorstep in Canada, outside in the few parks which allow off-leashes. Over the last few years, mainly due to the proliferating population of dog-lovers, who eventually become dog-owners, there has been a conscious effort by businesses and fundraisers to include everyone, both humans and animals.